KIDS T-Shirts

ON-SITE ONLY- we will have 100 etched wine glasses on-site for purchase as you enjoy your wine. For purchase after the race in the bar area.

...Only $5.00

REmember the moment by having the pasta run chef hat whenever you cook at home. show your friends you are a runner, and a chef.

...Only $10.00

Additional PASTA BOWL

Do't forget the memories of the inaugural pasta run...grab additional merchandise before hand at the on-line registration.

we will also have additional merchandise for sale on-site to purchase extra 2019 pasta bowls, forks. and in the bar area, we will also have unique  etched wine glasses and beer pints.         

           COME EARLY to Get ITEMS before they sell out.

EACH year we will have different sizes, colors and shapes of pasta bowls...Love the 2019 design, then collect 3-5 more so you have a whole set.

               ** 1 is already included in your race entry

...ONLY $10.00


Final Design will be presented March 15. 2 different designs on-site. each year we will create different pasta designs. (Avail. xs-XL)

...Only $10.00


Purchase additional logo'd forks for your whole family. Each runner will receive 1 fork...why not collect a set. **- 1 included in race entry

...Only $3.00

Adult t-shirts


Additional logo'd Pasta Fork

Race Logo'd CHEF HAT

Additional PROMO MERCH (On-site)



Each year we will have a different PASTA mascot for the kids shirts. limited edition. (Avail. s-L)

...Only $10.00